California Lightworks SolarSystem Series

California Lightworks SolarSystem Series Has a High-power Range of LED Grow Lights

SolarSystem series can be a direct replacement of the traditional HID bulb a High-power Range of LED Grow Lights technology. The SolarSystem series
has less energy and heat, and you will never have a bulb to change. California Lightworks SolarSystem series power levels are available from 200 to 800 watts. This series features programmable digital spectrum control for the highest quality and yields at the least possible energy usage.

• Touch screen digital controller
• Manual or automatic programmable spectrum control
• Automatic multi-voltage power supply
• 24-hour clock with minute by minute programming
• 0% – 100% of three band spectrum control
• Day/Week/Month/Season Calendar
• Save multiple programs and routines
• One-touch view mode for natural white lighting
• Battery power back-up
• Network an unlimited number of lights from a single controller

Pick-up a California Lightwlorks SolarSystem High-power LED Grow Light, and a SolarSystem Controller today!



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