Convert T5HO Fluorescent Driven Lighting Fixtures to High Quality LED Horticultural Lights

You can Instantly convert T5HO Fluorescent Driven Lighting Fixtures to High Quality LED Horticultural Grow Lights

SunBlaster T5LED Conversion Lamps are the ideal choice for advanced growers who demand higher quality Grow Light output, reduced operating costs, lower energy consumption, increased end of life performance with virtually zero maintenance,
and no replacement for 35,000 hours. Nothing could be easier to Instantly convert T5HO fluorescent driven lighting fixtures to High Quality LED Horticultural output in just seconds. These T5LED Conversion Lamps are 100% compatible with all SunBlaster T5HO Strip Lights and most remote electronic ballasted T5HO lighting fixtures
You can have an Instant Upgrade when you convert to the T5HO lighting in just seconds. This will Improved lighting spectrum, output, and increased Lamp life. These lamps last 3. 5 times longer saving labor and maintenance expenses. The heat reduction will be lowering operating costs even further and has a UL Listed. this Lamp is 100% safe and easy to install and operation. Now is the time to get your indoor gardening going now.

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