Indoor Growing Systems for Indoor Gardening

Indoor Growing Systems for Indoor Gardening

To Start Growing all Year Long Will be A Little Costly

Well, here in Northern Idaho the snow is now gone in the lowlands. Mountain snow is still prevalent.

There are those that are thinking of planting their early vegetables outside. This is the first week that

the freezing level has stayed above 35 degrees at night. I have heard that the last hard freeze has passed.


After saying all of that, there are a lot of you that have been growing all winter long with a Grow Tent. To start growing all year long it will be a little costly, but after the initial setup, you can spend years growing all year long.


Depending on the grow tent size you need to the grow lights and another item to get started will be your basic setup. After that, you can keep adding to your indoor garden until it gets to the size that fits your needs. Whether using soil or hydroponics and even hydroponics or aquaponics the decision is for you to make. 


Grow tents are engineered to increase the plant production, health, and quality of indoor gardening. Just get the right equipment for the size your garden needs. From a 2x2 to a 10x10 grow tent and larger. First of all, you need to select a space to place your grow tent. Measure your space and select the grow tent for that space. There are a lot of grow tents to choose from. See how thick the Canvas   Density is to how many Ducting and Electrical Ports it has. Look at the Mylar interior, is it a non-toxic material (No off-gassing) and dose it has reflective tear-proof material. If you have a small apartment or house and you don't have a lot of extra space, but that doesn't mean you can not cultivate your very own indoor garden take a look at the HOMEbox Vista Medium Grow Room.

Grow lights I think will be the most difficult decision you will make. From grow lights like Fluorescent lighting systems to LED lighting systems. Some Fluorescent Grow lights systems have a Reflector, a Ballast, and a Fluorescent Grow light built in the fixture already. You can build your lighting systems yourself by getting your fluorescent, (Sodium or Halide bulbs) fixtures, reflectors, and ballast you desire.


The new LED grow light systems seem to be getting more popular today than the fluorescent systems. They seem to last longer and use less electricity. Most of the top brands of led grow lights are the KIND LED X Series XD75 Flower Bar Light, the SolarSystem 1100 programmable Commercial Series, or the Black Dog LED's PhytoMAX-2 series LED Indoor Grow Lights and many more to choose from. They may cost a little more but the longer life span of the unit will pay for the cost difference.

I know this is a lot of information but don't let it bog you down. Take your time so you can have the equipment you need and want.  


There is a lot of information on the internet so take a look at what is out there and choose wisely.

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