Soaking Seeds to Speed up Germination

Soaking Seeds to Speed up Germination Break Down the Seed and Leads to Faster Germination. 

In nature, seeds encounter many different conditions. It can be hot or cold, wet or dry, Life is not gentle on seeds.
Soaking seeds before you plant them helps break down the natural defenses your seed develops to defend itself against Nature. Breaking down the defenses leads to faster germination. Another reason to soak seeds is to activate their internal gauge to germination mode. Seeds determine when it is time to germinate by the moisture content around them. Increased moisture sends the signal to the seed.

So, soaking seeds is going to speed up germination. I know I like faster germination, but I don’t have much patience. Big, wrinkled seeds are the best candidates for soaking. These seeds have a very hard coat. Some seeds you might want to soak are:
Squash, Pumpkins, Corn, Beans, and Peas.

After saying that you don't need to soak little seeds, such as lettuce or radishes.
They don’t reap the benefits, and when they are wet, small seeds are hard to handle.

Now, How Do You Soak Seeds?
Soaking seeds is easy! What you need is a bowl of water and of course the seeds. Fill up your bowl with warm, tap water. Put your seeds into the bowl, and let them stay in there as the water cools down. Now you can oversoak a seed,
You can’t leave them in the water and come back in a few days. Don"t soak for more than 48 hours. The recommended soaking time is 12 to 24 hours. Put them in the water before you go to bed, and they will be ready for planting the next morning. Now they are ready to put right into your garden! I have heard that nicking the seed coat, but not puncturing all the way through! You can use a dull knife or a nail file just to nick the seed and it will encourage germination once soaked.

Still, another reason to soak seeds is to activate their internal gauge to germination mode.

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