Agrosun Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp

Agrosun Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp

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Agrosun Double-Ended High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp, Ideal for Light Intensity

High proportions of red and blue light guarantee efficient solid growth replacements for the sodium lamps High output of PAR light (1,450 μmol/s) promotes photosynthesis. Lots of red light for strong plant development and Blue light for a robust, compact plant structure. Specifically designed for high-frequency electronic ballasts


  • Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions 2.5L x 1.6W x 18.0H
  • Rated Wattage 750
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Average Rated Life Hours 10,000
  • Bulb Orientation Double Ended

Agrosun Double-Ended High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) replacement Lamps get yours today.