Blossom Blaster, 500 g

Blossom Blaster, 500 g

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Grotek Blossom Blaster, 500 g To Improve Root Development an Aid in Blooming

Blossom Blaster provides available phosphorous to improve root development and aid in blooming and fruiting. Potassium is instrumental in moving sugars produced by photosynthesis. This powerful fertilizer supplement should be added twice during the initial 3 weeks of flowering. Blossom Blaster is effective in a growing medium and is compatible with all base nutrients.

Do not use as a foliar spray. Always use fresh product. Do not add to the existing solution


  • To improve root development
  • Aid in blooming and fruiting
  • effective in all growing mediums

Pick-up a Grotek Blossom Blaster, 500 g, it's effective in all growing mediums today!