General Hydroponics Power Grower 8-Pack Kit

General Hydroponics Power Grower 8-Pack Kit

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General Hydroponics Power Grower 8-Pack Kit, Everything to Start a Garden

This top feed/drip Hydroponic garden system has hexagonal (6-sided) shaped growing containers each measuring 15" across and 15" tall, making them ideal for larger sized plants, such as blueberry bushes or tomatoes.

The growing containers placed together create a high-performance hydroponics growing area measuring only 4 feet across. This efficient use of space resembles a high-density honeycomb. As plants mature you are able to move them apart to give them growing room.

The PowerGrower 8-Pack Kit is built from high-impact plastic that will give you years of pleasure.

Comes with everything you need to start your hydroponics garden:

  • 3-gallon Growing Chamber
  • 8 Individual Reservoir
  • 8 Split Tees
  • 8 Drip Rings
  • 8 Clear Airline
  • 8 Pumping Columns with Support Tubes
  • 8 Reservoir and Controller
  • 2 Reservoir and Controller Lid
  • 2 Hatch Cover
  • 2 Blue Tubing
  • 20 ft. Reservoir and Controller Connecting Hose
  • Float Valve with pipe thread compound
  • Controller Drain Level Tube
  • Circulating Pump Column with Collar
  • Circulating Pump Connector with Split Tee
  • Individual Drain Level Tube with 1" grommet reducer
  • Single Output Air Pump
  • Dual Diaphragm Air Pump
  • Illustrated instructions

Pick-up a GH Power Grower 8-Pack Kit and have everything you need to start your garden.