GrowLab 100 Grow Room  for Year Round Growing

GrowLab 100 Grow Room for Year Round Growing

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GrowLab 100 Horticultural Grow Room for Growing in Limited Spaces

This horticultural small grow room has all the features you need to give you the most affordable small grow tents available. This mini grow tent has moveable roof cross-members that will allow you to adjust lighting and accessories.


  • Increased weight capacity easily support 100 pounds
  • Sturdy powder coated framework
  • Highly reflective interior
  • Thermally protected tent material reflects 97% of all radiant heat
  • Non-toxic will not react under light and heat
  • Thicker fabric & with the best zippers on the market
  • Moveable roof cross-members easily adjust lighting and accessories
  • Multiple intake/exhaust ports
  • Adjustable fan and ducting attachments
  • Waterproof floor a second floor that is removable for easy cleaning
  • Includes assembly instructions
  • Size, 3'3" x 3'3" x 6'7

The most affordable small grow tents available. Get your GrowLab 100 grow room and start growing today!