PHYTOMAX-2 600 LED Grow Lights
PHYTOMAX-2 600 LED Grow Lights
PHYTOMAX-2 600 LED Grow Lights
PHYTOMAX-2 600 LED Grow Lights

PHYTOMAX-2 600 LED Grow Lights

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Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 600 Series LED Indoor Grow Lights 

With more than 6 years of experience with indoor garden lighting, incorporating numerous technological and engineering advancements to deliver unprecedented PAR levels and efficiency to maximize growth.  A team of engineers and plant scientists spent months of design, testing, and refinement to create PhytoMAX-2. Once again, Black Dog LED has set the highest standard in grow light technology with the PhytoMAX-2 series of LED indoor grow lights. At 630 actual watts and 961 μMol/s total photon flux, the patent-pending PhytoMAX-2 600 LED lighting systems plant grow light will outperform any 1000W HID light. The PhytoMAX-2800 uses only the highest-quality, latest-technology, top-bin LEDs to deliver Black Dog LED's proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum evenly over the entire footprint, with unprecedented PAR levels, canopy penetration, and yields!


  • PhytoMAX-2 600 LED lights for growing plants better penetrate dense canopies
  • Produce a superior yield with higher quality flowers and more trichomes
  • Saves on electrical, cooling, reflector and bulb replacement costs
  • 252 High-Output 5-watt LEDs
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Designed and built in Colorado
  • 630 True Watts - 1260 LED Watts
  • Huge Coverage Footprint
  • Up to 5' X 5' (25 square feet!) of flowering footprint coverage!
  • Phyto-Genesis Spectrum
  • The most efficient spectrum for growing plants based on over 6 years of research
  • Outperforming HPS, MH, CMH, Induction and Fluorescent and "white" so-called "full-spectrum"       
  • Commercial Grade LED Grow Lights
  • ETL certified to UL safety standards
  • Contains no Highly Toxic Mercury
  • Unlike all HID (HPS, MH, CMH / LEC) and fluorescent / induction bulbs
  • Black Dog LED has the highest PAR values, largest footprints, and most reliable indoor LED grow lights
  • Pick-up a Black Dog indoor LED grow lights the most reliable grow lights available today!

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