powerPAR LED Bulb-White 15W/E27 For Indoor Growing

powerPAR LED Bulb-White 15W/E27 For Indoor Growing

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The White powerPAR LED Bulb A Grow Light in a Color Spectrum for Indoor Plants

The White powerPAR LED Bulb allows you to economically give your plants light in a balanced color spectrum for propagation as well as a seedling and vegetative growth phases. The White powerPAR led grow bulb delivers the same amount and usable spectrum as an equivalent wattage fluorescent light but uses roughly half the electrical energy to do it. The energy consumption of these bulbs is low, and service life a very long 50,000 hours making them very cost-effective. These LED grow light bulbs will fit into a standard incandescent light socket, making them easy to set up with a common spotlight, work light.


  • Low energy consumption
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Low heat generation
  • Fits into a standard 120V socket
  • Arc-shaped for wider beam angle
  • 130W Incandescent equivalent
  • General covers area: 2' diameter 12"-18" above crops.

Get your White powerPAR LED Bulb and save half the energy of a fluorescent light today!