Xtrasun 315W CMH Aluminum Reflector, Pack of 8
Xtrasun 315W CMH Aluminum Reflector, Pack of 8

Xtrasun 315W CMH Aluminum Reflector, Pack of 8

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Xtrasun 315W CMH Aluminum Reflector, for a Ceramic Halide Reflector

The Xtrasun XT315AW light reflector & cordset kit is the best choice for a ceramic halide reflector if you seek professional performance at the best possible price.

It is ready to be combined with a CMh 315W ceramic metal halide lamp (not included) and the Xtrasun XTE3150 CMh 315W digital ballast (not included).

This reflector will provide an intense downward light pattern from a vertically positioned ceramic halide lamp. A bonus feature is that it allows you to adjust the light spread via 4 threaded positioning holes in the socket. Using the hole closest to the lamp will give the most focused light spread, while using the hole furthest from the lamp will give the widest light Its multifaceted 95% European hammertone aluminum gives excellent light uniformity and diffusion and will provide consistent delivery of the excellent color spectrum and PAR output of any Hydrofarm-recommended 315W ceramic halide lamp.


  • Multifaceted design provides superior light uniformity, maximum output, and top performance
  • 95% reflective European hammertone aluminum
  • Vertical lamp orientation optimizes downward light delivery
  • Built-in 15' cordset
XT315AW 8 Pack

Pick-up an Xtrasun 315W CMH Aluminum Reflector for and Cordset Kit for your indoor garden.