Top Brand Grow Light Fixture, to Place and Hang  Grow Lights

To properly place grow lights in your grow room you need a grow light fixture. Growers with top quality grow light fixtures provide consistent and stable placement to run your lamps at the strength you need in your indoor gardening.

We carry fluorescent indoor light fixtures, like the 2' x 4' Light Hanger w/Trellis Bar that allows you to hang a light over the tray stand as well as mount horizontal trellis netting if desired. Also, a growing area light fixture designed to be used over a 4' x 4' that spin continuously to allow the light to be spread evenly. We have several T5 Fluorescent Fixtures Modular System like the 2' T5 Fluorescent Fixtures Modular System Comes pre-assembled with everything you need to grow.

Get your indoor light fixtures and control your grow lights in your indoor garden