Grow Tents

Top-Brand Grow Tents in a Variety of Sizes for Easy Indoor Growing

Grow tents are engineered to increase the plant production, health, and quality of indoor gardening efforts. Grow with best controlled indoor hydroponic or soil growing environment tents. Here at Grow Tents Plus, we specialize in a variety of grow tents from leading brands such as Gorilla, GrowLab, LightHouse, and now imports like The HOMEbox Vista line. Available in a wide range of sizes and heights that allow for custom installations in very large spaces such as a basement or a garage or in very limited spaces such as a closet or a crawl-space. The grow box is professionally designed and feature insulated reflective interiors and integrated venting and electrical ports so your plants can flourish in a perfectly controlled environment. Our grow tents are extremely durable and very easy to set up.

Pick-up an indoor grow tent and start your very own indoor garden today!