Water Filters

Water Filter System for Hydroponic or Aquaponics Gardening

With the choice of a water filter for your aquaponics outdoor gardening and your indoor hydroponics gardens. These water filters are ideal for freshwater applications, drinking and more.

With a choice of a water filter system and water purifier systems, you can select the one you need both in your indoor garden or home. The Pre-Evolution water filter system is recommended if more than 150 gallons per week is produced, while the micro-sized, portable reverse osmosis system entry level, economical solution water filter is 75 gallons per day. Most can be used as a whole-house filter or stand alone.

Replaceable carbon pre-filter (more earth-friendly and affordable) to change only the filter, not the entire housing. We carry the Carbon Block Filter that removes Chlorine and water filters with an extra high capacity de-chlorinator and sediment filter

Looking for an aquaponic or hydroponic filter system? We carry a wide variety of sizes.