Water Pumps

Top-Brand Hydroponic Submersible Pumps for Indoor Hydroponics

The hydroponic pumps for today are engineered to increase the plant production, health, and quality of indoor gardening efforts. Grow Tents Plus specializes in a submersible pump that was built to go below the waterline or an inline water pump that is dependable, powerful & designed for hydroponic systems.

With all the pumps to choose from, you can pick the one that fits the need of your home and indoor garden. The Continuous Duty Booster Water Pump is designed for continuous use and includes integrated low pressure and high-pressure switches, and the high-quality mag-drive water pump pushes 950 gallons per hour is fully submersible. There are water pumps that are a continuous duty pump feature a Venturi Air Intake that aerates return water flow to stimulate root growth. The pressure booster pump increases the flow and efficiency of the water filtration system, boosting inlet pressure. Most of the Submersible pumps are designed specifically for hydroponic systems. With a Powerful mag drive construction and is environmentally safe and Oil-free.

Get your hydroponic submersible pumps and start your indoor garden today!